sábado, 13 de octubre de 2012

Edmond Pole Guardian Watches – Now With Bracelets!

A little over a year ago, Ariel showed you the Edmond Pole Guardian watch which features a very cool and rather unique AM/PM 24 hour dial complication using three rotating discs to align 24 hour time with a conventional 12 hour handset (video here). For those of you who weren't game on the rubber strap seen in the review, Edmond is now offering the Pole Guardian with an optional bracelet and we think it nicely rounds out the design and makes for a more appealing overall package.

Bumping up the rubber strap price from $1380 USD to $1540 USD, we definitely think the bracelet is worth the additional cash. This solid stainless steel bracelet is, sorry for the pun, the missing link in the Pole Guardian design and integrates beautifully into its short lugs. The Edmond Pole Guardian is an interesting, distinct and innovative sport watch that can certainly benefit from the addition of an OEM bracelet option. Also note that the bracelet is available for other Edmond watch models.

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