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Hamilton Ventura XXL Watch In Men In Black III

A new limited edition version of the Hamilton Ventura XXL watch will be worn by major characters in the new Men In Black III (3) movie that will open this month. I believe that previous Men In Black (MIB) movies also featured other versions of the famous Ventura watch. This newest version is the Ventura XXL model in polished steel, and it is a limited edition.

The Ventura is a very special model in not only Hamilton's history, but also American history. It is among the most iconic wrist watches ever designed - and it was a total USA baby. The original was released back in 1957. The image in this article with the older Ventura shows a model from 1969. I believe the original models were tuning fork based watches with electronic movements. These were the predecessors of quartz movements.

On and off, Ventura models have been in the Hamilton collection for years. The Ventura XXL that was released a few years ago was meant to be a larger, more modern version of the classic. It is 46mm by 45.5mm in size and comes here in a polished steel case. The design of the 2012 model is almost identical to that of the outgoing Ventura XXL limited edition model, but this is in polished steel versus PVD black coated steel. There is also a similar new model called the Ventura Medium. It comes in men's and women's versions and is 32.30mm by 50.30mm in size - shaped more similarly to the original.

The Ventura XXL is more triangular than the original, but feels similar in theme. The dial is interesting yet legible. The entire thing looks like a swoopy spaceship on your wrist. The case is curved for comfort, and the detailing is pretty nice. Over the dial is a sapphire crystal and the case is water resistant to 50 meters. You have to try one on if you never have.

This 2012 Hamilton Ventura XXL limited edition watch will come as a set of 999 pieces. The integration of the Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement is rather interesting as the round movement sits in the triangle-shaped case. Attached to the case is a thick black rubber strap. Style-wise this piece can't be beat - but that doesn't mean everyone is going to love it. It would be interesting to see Hamilton make the Ventura a more important arm of their collection. Price for the 2012 Hamilton Ventura XXL limited edition watch is $1,345.

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