martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

Sinn & Paul Parey Limited Edition Hunting Watch

Sinn has announced the release of a limited edition chronograph in partnership with Paul Parey publishing. For those not in the know (myself included), Paul Parey is a German publisher of a wide range of hunting and fishing magazines. Sinn has essentially customized their excellent 756 chronograph with a dark green dial and earthy brown strap to make a hunting watch.

Hunters can be subjected to a wide range of environmental extremes so I think a Sinn fits nicely into the hunter/woodsman ethos. They are tough, no-nonsense, reliable and legible timepieces that are not meant to be safe queens, I can think of few better watches for the active outdoors type. Many of the military-ready qualities which Sinn incorporates into their watches are also of value to hunters and anglers alike.

While not specifically referenced, the Sinn Paul Parey Hunting Watch does appear to be a standard reference 756 which is built on a 40 x 14mm tegimented steel case and fitted with an AR coated sapphire crystal, ETA/Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph movement, and aviation inspired dial with a vertical bi-compax layout. Additionally, the 756 is water resistant to 200m and boasts considerable anti-magnetic protection (80,000 A/m) and shock resistance.

The 756 is one of those watches that ticks every "sport watch" box but still manages to cost less than you might guess. The base Sinn 756 on a leather strap can be had for $2400 USD. This new hunting version will be limited to 100 units and is being sold directly through a specialized website (found here, in German) for € 1,990.00 ($2570 USD). For a limited edition with a lovely green dial and two strap options, an increase of only $140 USD is quite reasonable. I think they should have given it a better name like "The Hunter", or the "Sinn 756 Hunter". Regardless of the name, the Sinn Paul Parey Hunting Watch is a cool and attractive limited edition variant to the standard Sinn 756.

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