domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012

URWERK Black Cobra Watch: Can Comics Sell Luxury Watches?

While it is hard to give proper credit, Linde Werdelin is the first luxury watch brand that I know of that employed the use of comics (ahem, graphic novels) to sell high-end timepieces. They still do that, and certainly are going to carry that idea into the future. UPDATE: I just learned that I had it wrong. Linde Werdelin might have been the first to disseminate marketing comic imagery online (that I know of), but Urwerk had published comic content as far back as 2008 (republished here - thanks Ian).

Now luxury brand Urwerk offers a new comic strip (see below to check it out). I think the idea is brilliant. Why has it taken until modern times to do this? Because stuffy people in luxury watch company's were afraid of diluting the "prestige" of their brands with dirty comic book. Psh... what is this? 1986? Comic art has defined much of the last generation. What do you think rich people under 35 are going to associate with more positively. Cool graphic novel imagery for a new watch, or sponsoring a polo tournament?

See above (and in full via link below), this is the start of a futuristic comic series to help Urwerk market their new Linear Time Black Cobra watch. This is the black cased version of the UR-CC1 King Cobra that I discussed here. So what do you think? Is this comic cool? I think so. Will it get people slowly excited about the brand and the timepieces? We will see. Click on the thumb nail below.

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